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Show your talent at Ajmer Literature Festival
Show your talent at Ajmer Literature Festival

Ajmer Literature Festival brings some of the great literary minds, acknowledged by the world. Authors, Poets, Artists, Journalists and all other intellectuals worthy enough to make us watch and listen, come together for a knowledge enhancing experience and leading us towards a better society.

The Literary Society of India has now taken a step ahead by inviting talents and appreciating them before media and intellectuals. This will not only motivate them to strive and do better but will also ensure their participation and contribution in our nation building, something which everyone will be proud of.

If you believe, that you have it in you, fill the form in your right to send us your entries. Shortlisted entries will be invited to showcase their respective talents during the grand stage of 3rd Ajmer Literature Festival. All the Best !

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Held every year in September, Ajmer Literature Festival brings together some of the greats of Arts, Entertainment, Politics, Journalism and Social fields.

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