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Ajmer Literary Society

Founded in 2014, the society was formed to rekindle the interest towards literature particularly Hindi literature by organizing festivals and other awareness programs.

  • Aim

    Aim of the society is to arrange for discussions on unique topics addressing various engaging sessions. It is now felt that today’s generation is obsessed with Social Media. This is in turn resulting in widening distance from reading habit. Society aims to develop the interest towards literature which in itself is a noble cause.

  • Vision

    To build a civilized , cultured and sensitive society for the promotion of Art, Literature and Culture of the Country and the World with the intellectual collaboration of the various sections including the thinkers ,writers , art aficionados and the journalist by way of effective deliberations so as to face the contemporary challenges.

  • Ventures

    Ajmer Literature Festival:

    Ajmer Literature Festival or ALF is held every year whereby renowned speakers from Art, Literature, Politics, and Journalism participate in engaging discussions over various topics which are shortlisted by our panel covering several social issues which affects one’s lives. First Ajmer Literature Festival was held in September 2014 while the season 2 of the mega event was held in September 2015. The event is already been critically acclaimed.

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    Ajmer Literature Club:

    Ajmer Literature Club is formed to encourage participation of people in Literary Events generating interest, promoting sensible interactions and increasing literary awareness among masses. These literary events will form a series of Ajmer Literature Festival and will be held round the year. Literary discussions, poet conferences, book exhibition and reviews, laughter shows and other programs will held largely to promote Art & Literature.

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  • Members

    Ajmer Literary Society is comprised of highly intellectual people who aim to enhance the Literary Awareness. The members include Poets, Professionals, Businessman and people associated with Literature.
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Held every year in September, Ajmer Literature Festival brings together some of the greats of Arts, Entertainment, Politics, Journalism and Social fields.

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